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Travelling overseas

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My partner and I are looking to travel overseas with his two children in April next year. We have Consent Orders prepared by a solicitor that are in the final stages of completion. These orders contain a provision that either parent is able to travel overseas with the children provided the other parent receives a copy of the itinerary. We also have passports for both children - the application forms were signed by both parents.

We've heard recently stories of parents who have needed to have written confirmation (say in the form of a signed letter or statement) with them at the airport in order to leave for a holiday with their children.

We intend to check this information with both the passport office and our solicitor, but I would be interested to hear if anyone has any similar stories or experiences to share?

I'll point you to this topic which I believe answers your question (In July I took my son to the UK, only passport required). Click Here
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