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Stopping My Ex Partners Parent(s) Seeing My Child.

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Is it possible to stop my ex partners mother seeing my child? She is heavily addicted to drugs, the said drugs are Speed and possibly crack cocaine. She is also an alcoholic and has been for years turning up at the babies birthday parties off her face on drugs and alcohol. I assume i have parental responsibility due to me being at the birth registration and signing everything. I at a loose end here as my daughter is in unsafe environment, any advice would be appreciated.
A short answer to a complex question is probably no.

I am assuming you have spoken about this to your x who is not being of assistance to keep her away or in line.

If she is seeing the child in a "supervised environment" then there is not a lot you can do unless she is doing something that directly violates the child, abuse, physical, sexual, or any other danger. In that case you would obviously call the Police and get an intervention order and she would be charged.

If the child is in her sole care then you should contact child protection if there is a concern that the child is unsafe. I don't know the exact circumstances of your matter but it is something that perhaps you could discuss with child protection to get advice. They won't take action unless they think they need to. Remember however if they do contact your ex(and they don't always have to) this may stir things up between you.

If as you seem to be saying the mother is just a disgrace in the presence of the child but the child is "protected" then it is something you may have to endure and your parental responsibility would be more to explain to your daughter that there are people in the world like that and you could educate her in regard to drug and alcohol abuse. If nothing else a good oppurtunity to communicate in depth about some important issues when she gets old enough.

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Ian we note you have provided an unusual postcode (appears to be UK?)

Any suggestions regarding your options would be dependant on your Country location.

'If' you are in the UK speak to your local CAFCASS office.

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Ian, if it is a UK post code that you've provided, I'd suggest changing it, as unlike Australian postcodes which cover suburbs, a UK post code, is a lot more location specific, down to a few houses, if I recall correctly.
         undoubtedly such concerns should be put forward as considerations and I agree that it could well be considered as child abuse, however I purposefully did not remark in regard to such matters in my response as I believe there are those better qualified to respond. I do believe, especially if as a father, that you have to tread carefully when raising such matters, as there is the potential for such matters to backfire and this could well depend upon the person hearing the matter. I believe it is well known that the former chief justice of the family law courts, Nicholson, considered it in the best interest of a child or children, to live with with the parent who was in a relationship with a person who had been convicted of owning Australia's largest collection of pornographic material. Fortunately this was overridden.
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