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SRL joining technical please ?

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Hi, I chatted to a few lovely posters on here today, mainly about the darn quiz - yes, I failed..I will pass it though…lol… I have tried to join the SRL group - in community…When I click on the join now icon, a new window opens - I use Firefox, but this window says Internet explorer - yes I have this too, but never use it..Then a little box opens on the in. Ex. page saying - Enter network password, and Microsoft passport…also has in the blue bar at the top..

and the above address is in the address bar. I have no idea about a password etc…I'm not that computer illiterate - is it my computer, or are emails only sent in Internet explorer to this site by default ?? If some one could email me, the actual email address of the joining area to the SRL group, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks xx

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Try This

Send an email to

If that fails, "whisper" to one of the SRL-R Execs

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Thanks for that Oneadadc !!

Monster, from what I have read, you don't need to actually pass the test to join the SRL group…The others have written that also. When I submitted my answers from the test my 'result' was on the screen within a few seconds…( I didn't get the email ) but I knew my score. From what I was told, you are not expected to pass…it is there so you can research and find the answers, from what i know being a SRL  is about finding the info for yourself ( pertaining to your case also) then conversing with the other SRL's for any tips/advice/ suggestions….

As the others posted yesterday, to join the SRL group you need to email the 'group' either through the link on the quiz page - or via the email add. above. Explaining maybe your case matters, where you are up to in your court case.  I think you need to include person details of yourself also eg. phone numbers. It says it may take 72 hours for a reply ( yes they are busy people here! :thumbs: )  I think they need to verify that you are 'real' before your member ship will be accepted. - please don't quote me on this, this is just what I have interpreted, through what I have read.     
BecB you pretty much summed it up.

There is a lot to do with further developing the site, answering questions, moderating, helping people with court and reading affidavits and other documents to help people.

A lot of us also have day jobs and family commitments too.

It may seem like we live "online" but it only feels that way ;)

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Monster why not "whisper" to one of the SRL-R Execs e.g. Agog?
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Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
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