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Short marriage and property percentage

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looking for a guesstimate of what is fair property split

have been married for 2.5 years and we lived together for probably a year before. We built a house, with which I provided $55000 deposit from compensation permanent injury money, she provided $5,000 and her family loaned us $20,000.

I have since received a further $30,000 compo, and she has borrowed $40000 more from family towards furniture and to assist in purchase of a small business which gives her income of approx $100,000 pa.

My income is $70,000, and I am 44 , she is 37.

I had starting superann of approx $120k, while she had $approx $5-10k.

My super is now $160k, and hers is perhaps $10k.

I also now have a hecs debt of $42000. I have a child from prev marriage.

I am wondering whether or not the factors of age, duration of marriage, nature of contribs, child and her contribs mainly being debt rather than equity will position me to at least retain my contribs + a share of asset growth for home property.  (Property should sell for approx 440k less 10k agents fee, and debt of $285k.)

Appreciate any estimates of what is fair.
Being a short term marriage and that there are no children from the marriage, you should both get what you put in.
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