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Seems our animals are valued more than our kids

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Why is a man can kick his dog, harm an animal and get fined $4 to $6 hundred dollars. Harm his son and get nothing!

Excuse:  He can do as he likes in his own home!

Sad state of affairs!

Surely if a man or woman, inflicts harm on a child there is somewhere or someone to help.

If you mean they are harming the child's psyche, then I believe that is extremely hard to prove. I totaly believe some parents do a lot of harm to their children. After reading so many stories here, and in the media we all know its happening.

All I can suggest is be aware of when your child is showing signs of harm, wrap your arms around them and let them know it will pass one day. As long as they are loved they will recover.

Best of luck
It does raise some interesting comparisons with how we view the importance of animals when comparing people.

There was a case of a father who was going through the mill and smacked his child, he sought help from a friend because he knew what he did was wrong and wanted not to do it again, the female friend alerted the authorities, he admitted he was wrong and reflected on his hardship told them he did request help from people and would not do anything like this again. The child had a welt on her leg but no massive bruising he hit her harder than he thought, he did get more than just a small fine and was separated from his child for a time.

I know your situation is different Saphire and I wish you luck in resolving it but I'd have to say that justice needs to have the cases brought before them to act on them it's getting the right ones there thats the pain.

In general society has been desensitized to "violence" against each other through the medium of television. How many times do we see atrocities committed in the name of WAR. Yet the majority accept this suffering. Why? Because it is there all the time in our faces. As for Animal Cruelty it is much rarer to see. So we react OMG the poor thing. Violence in any form is not right be it physical or emotional. We need to see a stronger focus on this issue in the Mainstream Media, more shows/DVD's/videos with the message that violence on all levels will not be tolerated by the people. I know you are hurting Saphire. Just remember that love will overcome all eventually. Be strong and give limitless love.
Why is it that DIDS uses the analogy with whales on beaches to show the death and suffering of men and the government immediately set out to 'save the whales' but not the men?

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
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