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Question about costs and being awarded costs.

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Most of the research that I have done so far indicates that costs are very rarely awarded to one party, and if they are, it is generally in contravention matters.

Now I know that one of the "richard (because the forum won't let me shorten the word) dasterdly" ploys used by solicitors is that they will threaten you with having to pay the costs of their client. And I know that I really shouldn't worry about this, but I can't help myself. And yes, I know that there is a schedule of costs listed on the FMC website (or was it the other court, doesn't matter).

My question is - If costs are awarded, how is it worked out? Is it just worked out on the time spent in court, or what? For example, if one party has been using legal assistance for a period of several months, and that has been their only form of communication with the other parent, are all those costs included? If that party waited for a period of over 6 months before they initiated court action, are their costs up until that time included? Or is it only their costs from when they initiated court action? Or is it something completely different?

Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

And if someone could explain what a costs certificate is, I would be even more obliged. It seemed to me that this related to payments being made to the parties to cover their costs, and that the payments came via the government.

Thanks in anticipation. Boots
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