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New to this site and a win today in court for my daughter

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I am new to this site. I am a 37 year old dad who has full custody of my daughter and fighting the mother on her wish to have access.

Today I had a win in court and happended to meet Verdad for which I was grateful for his support and encouragement

Thanks Verdad

Dad of 6
There is obviously much more behind this story as the Council would not generally support a withholding of contact from a parent. Verdad is a senior moderator so a wise and experienced council you could expect.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Hi Dad of 6 and welcome.

Please feel free to elaborate, but obviously without compromising section 121 (Restriction on publication of court proceedings) of the Family Law Act.
Mother has had a very loooong history of drug and alcohol abuse.

She has another daughter and much of what transpired with this story affected her contact with our daughter.

Maternal Grandmother was the supervisor of contact and had her visits almost removed entirely due to her unique ability to withhold information.

Thankgod the father of the other child contacted me………..and today the Magistrate finally listened to me! What a relief
Welcome dad of 6. Great to see the court system listening to a dad.

Obviously there is a lot we don't know about your case but those that venture here are inspired by posts such as yours.

I cannot speak highly enough of this site nor those that contribute.

And I wish you well on your journey.

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Extract from "Deceived By God" author John S. Feinberg :thumbs:
The compliments I gave you dadof 6 were merited. You knew your material and were disciplined at the bar table. Your partner can be assured that you did well.
Dr Tom as he is affectionately known here is a good organiser. He allowed all the parties to be heard and on the material I heard gave a reasonable interim, if only ephemeral resolution to the material heard.
You appeared to have a good communication with the ICL and she from the brief  observations appears to be a reasonable entity.
Keeping the issues focused to child-centric form is a that the court finds no issue. In a House of Resolutions that is a good calling card.
From our conversation I do sense that you and I imagine your partner have contributions that will be of value. You have it appears had numerous court appearances and your sharing of those experiences will benefit others, but in a fascinating way it assists to identify what one needs to research or to glean from the experiences of others whom venture here.
You are most welcome her dad of 6
Until you are fully able to ensure that your content is in a secure area, be cautious what you write here.
Mr Agog who sits on a high branch will I'm sure appreciate your presence and what you can contribute to common purposes.
It really is about the children, don't you think?

I suggest you do the tests as this will expedite your able to be on more secure layers ofthe site.

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