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Modifying a FCA subpoena re banking details

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Modifying a served subpoena

We've had conflicting information about this, so I thought I'd ask about it here.

This is the situation:

We had a subpoena issued through the family court to a financial institution requesting the bank details of a list of people.

The subpoena has subsequently been served.

We want to modify our request by removing two of those people from that list (we no longer want their details).

Can we do this without withdrawing the entire subpoena?
I would say, and it's only theory, that when you get to the subpoena hearing you can just tell the judge you now have no need to view these files and that you ask that permission to view is denied to all parties.

That way, they will just stay tucked away and noone will see them.

If  they deny this, just dont look at them!

It's the least grief option as I'm sure there is now a legal responsibility for the person to follow through the exact words of the subpoena and provide the info requested.

They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority

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