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 Hi I am having a phone mediation session on the 9th of next month and i was wondering if there are any particular things i should seek so as i can gain access to my daughter as i have only had her for a total of 8 hours since the middle of August and some advice on csa agreements as my ex partner wants to change it 
I think you should beforehand put in writing to the other party what you would like to achieve care wise from your negotiations, so they have something to consider and possibly discuss with you in the mediation session.
When I attended mediation, I had an idea of what I wanted. The father also had an idea of what he wanted. Totally different to each other mind you.
Thankfully they have a guideline of what is best for the child based on age. Perhaps ring whomever your mediator is and ask what is reccomended for your daughters age group and go from there?

Don't forget to mention you've had limited time with her and you'd like to have a chance at making up for that.

Best advice though is go in with a flexible attitude. Don't have your heart set on a certain amount of time. My ex found the hard way that it's 50/50 shared responsibility, not care. If you're willing to negotiate you'll have more of a chance of getting something along the lines of what you want.

Also with CS, I don't think you can change much via mediation. Unless of course you agree. Even then you have to notify CSA.

I'm not a legal proffesional either, just speaking from personal experience.
I agree with BubbaRay in regard to going into it with a flexible attitude.

If you go in with a list of things you want and won't budge on only, then there's nothing to work with.

On the other hand, I found it useful to have a list of things that I wasn't comfortable changing or being flexible with and another list of things that I was willing to compromise on. You can mention the concerns you have about the things you'd rather not change, and then  explain them point by point.

Having a list to refer back to and even check off as you go helps to make sure you haven't missed any important things to you because it's really annoying to have everything done, only to realise that you forgot to ask the most important question.

Also, once you have a third party i.e a mediator/counselor helping you both, perhaps you'll see that some of the things that you thought were important and you were unwilling to budge on actually become less important than other things and you can move past them in a way that works for all.

Then with anything you do feel comfortable negotiating, you can work those things out until hopefully you each get a portion of what you think is best and fair.

I also don't have legal experience but have been through some of this myself and it is best to just be open and equally important is - to not be afraid to stand up for or ask for what you think is in the best interest of your child and is fair. So if you feel that you've missed out on time, ask for options from the other party in regard to making up the time in some way.

Best of luck.

BubbaRay - Any chance of you getting a copy of those age based care guidelines?
If you look on the child support website there are some small books available freeunder listing for publications. You can also look at each of them online. One is called "me, my kids and my ex". It contains in the pages towards the back a suggested time children should spend with the non-resident parent guideline. Hope this helps.
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