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Lying in affidavit

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I am new here so I am sorry if this topic has been covered before.

My ex applied to the courts for custody of our son. He threw me and my 8 week old baby out of the house in a drunken rage late one night with nothing, not even a pair of shoes, despite there being witnesses and a 12 minute phone call to 000 he was not arrested or removed from the property by the police. I was put up in emergency accommodation by DV Connect.

As this all happened around christmas time I couldn't get a lawyer to represent me so I applied for an Ouster Order and was granted by the court I was also given a change to an existing DVO which included no contact (did I mention it was my house he threw me out of?). I applied to a contact centre soon after so ex could have contact with his son but under a controlled environment. (He has a very real problem with rum).

He did not attend his intake interview at the contact centre and proceeded with mediation, but insisted on private mediation (which I could not afford) so I suggested FRC. He was granted a certificate on the grounds that I refused to attend mediation, I was also granted a certificate because of the DV. This is where the lying started to get serious.

He applied to the courts immediately for access. He submitted a 65 page ammendment to his original affidavit on the Friday at 4.30pm, our court date was the following Monday at 9am! Both documents are pretty much lies from start to finish.

It's the contents of the lies which have my hackles up, for example, he has stated that I drank a bottle of wine everyday though my pregnancy and took many other illegal substances, these are just the scratching of the surface of utter garbage that he has come up with.I have since responded to each and every accusation in his affidavits but alot of them will need copies of my and my sons and my deceased daughters medical records from the hospital to back up.

I can't believe that he can submit a legal document with so many lies and inconsistancies, but I am shouldered to prove that these things didn't happen. Surely he should be made to prove these accusations?

He was granted access for 2 hours each second saturday to be supervised by his mother (who get this, is suing me for defamation through the supreme court in qld at the same time!). My solicitor asked the court for a family report to be done which we attended within weeks of attending court.

This also seemed to be quite strange as it only lasted for 1.5 hours and the report writer refused to take any documents that I had supplied (copies of DVO, statements from witnesses, statements from doctors etc), this does not seem like normal proceedure that a complete stranger can make a life changing decision regarding my baby in one and half hours?
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