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Legal Aid

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Legal Aid - Are you having problems with legal aid? Have they told you that your case does not have merit, or that there is a conflict of interest because your partner beat you to it; well there is a way to get around those problems!

Getting refused for not having case with Merit, is normally due to the applicant for legal aid being too hopeful in their expectations. It is important to have the correct expectation, given your circumstances. In other words, if you work six days a week and ask for 50 - 50 care, you are going to fail.

You apply for legal aid, they check on their computer and say, "sorry, we have a conflict on interest; your partner has spoken to us". Well this is rubbish, what this means is that one of the Legal Aid lawyers can not help you; a private lawyer, who does legal aid work, can help you. You must fill in Q.45, on the legal Aid from, with a private lawyers address.

We now have a family law barrister willing to help you fill in the forms correctly! He/she is very motivated to help.

More details to follow.


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The only problem I had with Legal Aid is that in Tasmania they only help fathers, not mothers, and yes I do have that in writing.

The reason they give is that the Community Legal Service help mothers.  (They also help fathers)

The problem with the Community Legal Service is that they are not sufficiently funded to help with anything other writing letters to the other party.  They do not take on cases which will go to court.

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