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Lega aid solicitors has withdrawn my consent orders...what can I do?

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My legal aid solicitor states that he has withdrawn my consent orders based on my verbal instructions.  This is not correct, I only wanted a change to the consent orders before lodging as former partner was not following the consent orders.    I am now back to square one after almost of year of waiting?    What can I do?   Can the solicitor withdraw consent orders based on verbal instructions, I thought everything had to be writing.

Clarification Needed!

Some clarification is needed.

Consent Orders can only be made by a court- in fact they are "Orders" made with the consent of the parties.

So your Legal Aid Solicitor cannot change your "Consent Orders" only a court can.

What I expect you mean is you Legal Aid Solicitor withdraw your minute of proposed orders. If the proposed orders already had the agreement of the other party and were to be made into orders by consent by the court, seeking to change what has already been agreed to restarts the negotiation process.

I note you mentioned the change was sought because the other party had not been following the consent orders.
It would have been more appropriate to allow them to proceed to court and have the orders made by the court.
Then both parties have to follow the orders (unless they agree to do something else) and enforcement action can be taken where appropriate.

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