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Initiating application-Form 6 Superannuation

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Wh relevant dates do I need to nominate?

Hi readers, I am preparing initiating app & form 6 in a property matter, however there is little info on what valuation dates need to be requested (each date costs $150, my fund is public service superannuation fund). I assume that maybe commencement of cohabitation, and/or end of relationship dates would be necessary, considering the fund is a defined benefit scheme which issues annual statements of benefit. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated
My property settlement is going to court soon [trial]. I dont have any super but he has. He just put his current balance on the financial statement.I assume it is what he had on his last statement. I have seen no proof ie: statement etc. but I will find out in cross examination. I would have thought that he needed some proof for the trial. Property valuations are done prior to the trial date. [my ex has had the house valued 3 times and the FM thought it was unnecessary] So if the house goes up in value from separation it is regarded as a larger property pool of assets. You will need to provide information on initial assets particularly for short and mid length marriages

thanks rosey, but what date should be used for form 6 ?

i am aware that everything has to be valued, however the form has options for several dates of valuation, (at  $150 per valuation date
) so what i am asking is what is the essential date
(s) required for attachment with initiating application.
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