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informal settlement conference

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property settlement meeting

has anyone  been involved in one of these meetings…results  ??  I am hoping for a settlement but my ex is greedy, aggressive, intimidating  and stubborn.I have made almost 100% financial contributions to the marriage of 30yrs but was always too scared to leave.I don't want this to drag out and I'm not really confident with my current lawyer.

I'm also under pressure to'get it over with 'from family and friends…but this is my life and I would rather throw the money in the ocean than give him any.

any thoughts  or similar experiences ????
What do you mean by 'informal settlement conference'?
Do you mean a conference with a Registrar?
I went to one of these a few months ago as a SRL.
In the room was the Registrar, the other partys' lawyer and me.
The other party refused to disclose property they took and wanted a huge
settlement from me.
I stood my ground and refused the rediculous offer and the case has now gone to trial in a few months time
where I am hoping the court will see that the other party lies and has hidden assets.
My lawyer is calling it  AN INFORMAL SETTLEMENT CONFERENCE…in her rooms in the city, with the other party's counsel and lawyer present. No registrar…..She says she's done 1,000's of these but I can't seem to find any info about them. :'(
Yes I know precisely what that is.
It is mediation.
I was offered this before I decided to self represent and I felt that i was about to line the Lawyers' pocket as it is very expensive
so I went to Relationships Australia. This is a much cheaper option - guess what it acheived the same results - nothing.

I know what you are going through but hang in there and dont let family and friends influence you as it is your life and money on the line.
If you havent been able to do agree on anything as yet I cant see a round table mediation as doing anything but costing both of you a lot of money.
I did shuttle mediation as this was the only way the ex would agree to mediation. ie each in different rooms and the mediator going from one to the other.
Why not join SRL- resources and find out more of what you can do to minimise legal expenses
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