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How to find out if a potential lover have any AVOs against them

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Im thinking about going into a relationship with a guy, a friend said that he has AVOs out against him, is there any way I can discretely find out his AVO history????
Have you thought about asking him? Have a good new year and I hope it works out well for you.

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Asking is always the best way to go.

Also remember the exisistance of an AVO does not nessasarily mean anything as they can be obtained fairly easily and often without a history of violence.

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Ask him as honest is needed for a strong relationship. I also agree that an AVO does not mean violence as they are aesy to get and some do not fight them as this can be very expensive.
This is a site for family law issues. You should be on a site for relationship counsellers or private investigators. 

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You should ask your partner outright, and ask them to be honest with you. for the sake of an ongoing relationship how do you expect them to feel if they found out you sneakingly went 'searching' for any AVO's behind their back??

As mentioned by Oneadadc even if there is an AVO doesn't mean your partner has done something to deserve the AVO being put on them. You need to be honest with the person and ask them.
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