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How can a Dad get visitation rights

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Hi there, I have recently seperated from my wife Jan08 and since last month my wife has since moved her boyfriend into our house we own together and denied me visitation rights to my daughter, prior to the boyfriend moving in I was having my daughter for the the weekends, but now it has been impossible to see my daughter. 

I have been volunteering in her class 4 days a week 30 mins a day during my morning tea breaks at school, just to spend sometime with my daughter.  My wife is making it so hard she had know gone to Child Services accusing me of awful things, if this is true why would I be in a classroom full of children or why would she let her stay with me on weekends.  Im frustrated and need legal help on what I can do, to gain some visitation rights.  Thanks

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Guest the best way to receive answers on this is to join FLWG then SLR-R.

It's important that when in a public area that limited details are exposed and to get the best advice it's important to be in a secure posting area.

Join the SRL-R by pressing on Community then go to SRL-R and join here.

Remember that there are no reason other than self promotion of the accuser and leverage as a weapon for false accusations.

If you have any problems just whisper to me and help will be at hand.

Regards D4E

Guest I believe you have already joined FWLG and are a general member so next is just join SRL-R
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