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Will this help my case?

My ex's spouse has been having a few choice words to say about me on the internet. They have made some very bold and untrue statements about me, and in what they have said, it has planted some doubt in my mind as to their mental stability.
They have allowed their children (8-13yrs) to make comments about the situation on the site as well.

I have screen dumped and printed everything.

Will the courts take this into consideration when I have my court date?
Here's my questions…

What kind of site have you taken this information from? 
Is it in the public domain or is through an illegal access to their private conversations? Meaning their private email, msn, facebook etc


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I will say something but only from personal experience in a friends case and not knowledge in this area.
She was told for doing the same in regards to one of ex's friends that she was being vindictive and looking for something wrong - although it was from facebook and stated comments about looking after her kids while the ex was away (approx 3 nights of every fortnight) and comments regarding drug use and alcohol consumption while caring for her kids. she was told it is a social site and the appearance we present may be a front or a joke and not really 100% truth. I sat there listening to this statement gobsmacked.
so be warned.

WARNING this is only experience on hearing one case.
Guest said
I have screen dumped and printed everything.

Will the courts take this into consideration when I have my court date?
Probably not if you haven't adhered to the rules of evidence. In this regard CrazyWorld raises some good questions before an accurate answer could be given.

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I have seen a recent (within the last couple of years) case in the Federal Magistrates Court, whereas private email correspondance that was obtanined by one party knowing the password of the other (basically illegially), was allowed in the case. The magistrate acknowledged the fact that is was obtained wrongly however allowed it to be submitted as evidence. Sorry I do not remember the case name, but it does exist!
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