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Which court?

Can someone give me more of an idea on lodgeing application for final orders with the Local Magistrates court? the solicitor told us a while ago that our case is straight forward and the local Mag has jurisdiction in Family Law so we could possibly lodge it locally.

Our area is on a circcular with the FLC and the Fed Mag, so Im not sure if it comes to filing an application for final orders which court would be the most practical and time effective for straight forward parenting cases. (by straightforward I mean the other party has agreed in writing to 95% of the orders to be filed, we have reason to believe they may end up not signing on the dotted line)
Any advice please?

Thank you
Fiorelli, I thought you were going to join the SRL group? They must know the answer because it is one of their quiz questions.
 oh you got me, conan. :)

Yes I would like to take the time and join! I work full time and study uni part time. As well as trying to help my husband out as much as I can with info about self repping.

I have full intentions to join.  however, I find the time I can post here is very limited. (as it is now I should be studying!)  The complications the ex has given our family has caused us enough stress as it is. Perhaps I should wait until I have finished the uni term then I can dedicate more time to this issue. My husband works extremely long hours and is already having medical issues over the stress. I am trying to help out with what little time I do have.

Thank you for those who have provided advice thus far.

Fiorelli said
  Perhaps I should wait until I have finished the uni term then I can dedicate more time to this issue.


That is a good idea!

With stress, I can understand how the smallest of tasks can become the greatest of hurdles, like joining the members area, for example .

10 - 15 minutes of your time is all it takes to join - many months, possibly years of heartache can be prevented from support here within…..your choice!

Joining SRL-R

The requirements to Join SRL-R are not onerous. They should not take too much time. Joining SRL-R should save you time in the long run. And the help you recived will be tailored to your situation.

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
Seriously consider becoming a SRL-R Fiorelli  and you will soon find a problem shared with those that understand exactly what you are saying soon makes you aware you and your husband are not alone.
Read through the forum posts and I am quite sure you will find so many are in the same boat.
Wishing you well on your journey.

"I don't have tomorrow's grace yet, and I won't need it until tomorrow! We must not be so overly occupied with the future that we lose today. God has hidden the future, so we might trust Him. He is compassionate in doing so. Why waste the present trying to change something you cannot change?

Extract from "Deceived By God" author John S. Feinberg :thumbs:
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