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Where do we start

father trying to get full residency

Where do I start.
I'm the partner of a dad trying to get full residency of his young children. I have much older children and all the family is happy with this arrangement.
We have had his children full time since Dec '11 and they have only seen their mother on approx 20 days in that time, due to her cancelling agreed days.
We are concerned for the children due to medical, psychological and substance dependency of their mother. She is in temporary housing right now.
Is there anyway we can get  an interim residency order to stop her from keeping them on a visit as we have no parenting orders in place right now as they were rescinded since they were no longer valid as they were written when she had primary care.
Our issue is she can get Legal Aide but because of our combined income we can't but then again also can't afford 1000's of dollars in legal fees.
The children are extremely happy and well adjusted now they are with us but because of her issues all this could change in a mood swing.
Where do we start?
You need to go through the process - attempt mediation, get your certificate and then apply to court for final and interim orders.

Another way to get a quicker more effective result is to get a restraining order against the parent for the children due to abuse etc…
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