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When will the family report appointment be advised

Well the mention (duty list hearing) was done, and we were allowed to pick up the child that very afternoon.

The judge ordered that a family report be done, and stated that he hoped the report would be completed prior to the next court date, which is an interim hearing, in just over two months time. Hubby also asked about spending time with the child in the next school holidays, and the judge stated that he hoped that issue would be sorted before the next court date which is just before the holidays.

My question is, now that the court has appointed a family report writer (we have the name), how long should we wait for them to get in touch with us to arrange the actual interviews?

Luckily for us the FMC will be responsible for paying for the preparation of the report.
As the report needs to be completed before court date you should hear pretty quick. My guess would be in about a week.
The mention was on 21 June, and we received our copy of the court orders in the mail on Monday 5 July. It was postmarked Friday 2 July.
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