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What kind of access should I expect for almost 3 yo?

So here is my situation:

I have an almost 3 year old son. I didn't claim for child support until last week. Now this week he is saying he is taking me to court for custody. To date, he has seen the child only a handful of times and this is only after I made all the effort and showed up at his house uninvited. He has never seen the child for more than an hour and I have always been present.

My questions are: will a judge realise that the timing of him all of a sudden wanting custody and my claim for child support go hand in hand?

What kind of visitation can I expect? I would like to give him one day a week. I don't work so I was hoping he could have him for one whole day (maybe 9-5?) is this unreasonable.

He also works away in the mines. 5 days on and then 5 days off. Will this work against anything?

I have a 6 yo from a previous relationship, will this be considered?

I don't want to stop my son from knowing his father but I would love to know what kind of visitation others got.

Thank you.

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