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Urgent Help, What should i do ?

Ok my wife and i seperated nov last year, ammicably, in that she said she didnt love me, She said i was a fantastc husband and father of 2 Boys 7 & 10 but she didnt love me and wanted a divorce. After a 20 year relationship this was hard for me who was still commited. But when we talked about the terms of our seperation she agreed the children needed both of us in their lives and agreed to a 50/50 arrangement. I set up mediation and we began that proccess. Then after i had dropped the children at school as agreed on the morning she disapeared in the night that tue and i had to track her down. She had run off to her parents home town 6 hours away. Frustrated i wanted so much to go and grab them but didnt want them to have that agravation when i tried to snatch them up so i had a solictor send her a letter explaning she shouldnt have done that and she should return to the childrens home town were all the family nd friends they have known are. She ignored the letter and continued to state that we were in mediation. 3 weeks passed and i asked for the children for the easter break., She agreed and they are with me now as i speak. They have said they want to stay with me and i asked for advice from my solicitor about keeping them here. I have had 2 solicitors confirm i should keep them, But i feel she will only come and try and take them back. This will create a scene infront of the children and cause even more stress for the children.

So i need to know the best and quickest way to try and let her know she cant come and get the children, or if i should just return them to her and let the courts force her back….. Please help !
Are they still at the same school or has she changed schools? Where would they go to school on Wed/Thursday this week?

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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