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Timeline for response to application


I would like to know what is the timeline that I shold be receiving a response from the other party to my application. She had it in her posession for 74 days before responding and I only received that response literally 5 minutes before walking into the Court room.
What type of Application did you file?

When is the next court date in respect of the application you filed?

Initiating Application to have my children returned to my custody. My husband and I are up against my mother who has the children,we are self litigants and literally butt or heads against brick walls for help with anything legal. Our next and Final court date is 28th Feb 2011
The are "rules" about the lodging of the various documents, and if you look at the courts' websites you will find these. You can also ring up the court and ask for information about the exepcted timelines.

But just because there are timelines and specific procedures, doesn't mean that these are always adhered to, even when legal professionals are involved.
Was this Form 1 filed with the Family Court?

Has your mother file any materials or attended any court events since you filed?

You would be scheduled for a Case Management hearing towards the end of next week or the week after with the registrar, would you not?

If a Response hasn't been filed by that hearing then raise it with the Registrar.

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