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Subpoena question.

I am a SRL in the Federal Circuit Court. I wish to request the issue of subpoena's as we are going to trial, however I need more information (such as date, address, etc ) before I can do this.
My question is, can I ask the other party's solicitor for the information I require so that I can issue subpoena's?
Subpoenas can only be issued at your request by a Registrar (or Judge) and must relate to your case.

Why you are asking for dates and addresses from the other parties solicitor? Why would the other parties solicitor help your case unless it is material that has to be provided to the Court.

Subpoenas can be issued for the release of information or for someone to appear in Court, the former requires carriage money (the cost of processing the subpoena) and the second the costs of the person to attend Court.

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I'll try and explain as best I can.
The other party has stated things in affidavits that have been lies. The whole case is based on lies such as a marriage (supposedly of a religious kind), supposedly hiring a hall afterwards, flying interstate and more. I know this doesn't make sense to anyone as they don't know the case details and I can't go into detail here, but if I can show that these things didn't happen as the other party says then I feel it would help the outcome.
That is why I was asking if I could request more information, such as, name and address of hall, name of airline, and so on?

I read somewhere'Before you request a subpoena, you should attempt to get the required document or evidence by, for example, asking the person to provide it to you.'

I don't know anymore what to do. I know the other party is manipulating everyone and giving the chance I can prove it.
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