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Service by email

Hi guys & gals

A quick service question - I have just received an email from the another lawyer (one I have not dealt with before) who now state that they act on behalf of the other side.

There is a notice of address for service attached - the lawyers address obviously.

However, they make the statement "please find enclosed by way of service the notice of address of service"

There are documents already lodged with the Courts and we have a court date coming up.  However, on none of my submitted documents have I used my email address.

If I have never indicated that I would accept service by email, can they just use email as a method of service?

Thanks in advance

Have you filed a Notice of Address for Service? If not, I suggest you do so, and only include in that Notice the ways in which you would accept service.
My guess is they are probably serving you by email becuase it is the easist/fastest way for them to do it, and unless you make an issue they figure it won't be a problem and can get away with it.

If I were you I would write back (to whatever address is on their notice of address for service) saying my address for service is as stated on all court forms lodged in XXX of XXX OR as stated in my notice of address for service, and for future reference this email address is not a valid way to effect service.
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