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Relocation Orders

My boyfriend has two children from a previous relationship. A two year old and a five year old.
 November 2009 the mother relocated to Victoria from South Australia, without my boyfriend's consent for the kids to move. She was ordered back to her home town in SA and had to return by the 23/2/2010, which she did with the kids. During this time she was very difficult with arrangements for my boyfriend to have the kids on a regular basis. She eventually ended up in Adelaide and did not stay in her home town. We went back to Court and the kids are allowed to stay in Adelaide with her only because the Family Report recommended the children stay in Adelaide and she got advice from a legal adviser to get her own accommodation and get the kids into school and day care which she did. The Magistrate was not able to understand how the lady who did the Family Report was able to make the determination that the kids were now settled and best for them to stay in Adelaide. Because the ex had only had their own home for approx two weeks before the Family Report was done.
 My boyfriend and I do not know what to do. We work all week full time and travel every weekend to have the kids. We are drained. My boyfriend was told today by his lawyer that it might not be worth going to trial. My boyfriend said yes we are going to trial because there are allot of things that have not been brought to the Magistrates attention. We could clearly see that the Magistrate is not happy with his ex and told her that she shouldn't feel proud of her actions in the last few months.
 The trial is in December. Do you have any advice for us?? We are not feeling too confident at the moment. We feel as though we have done the right thing from the beginning and it's just not paying off for us. His ex mind you has done whatever she has wanted to and is getting what she wants. We have messages from her saying she moved for herself and not the kids but she is using the kids to get what she wants.
 One thing that is working against us is that my boyfriend agreed on a interim basis that his ex could move to Adelaide for a 3 month trial with the kids. He was in a mediation session for approx 2 and half hours before he agreed to this. Looking back he regrets it hugely. This agreement was not signed.
 Please help if you can, some advice would be greatly appreciated. Ask anymore questions that you need to know. Thank you.
             I'd suggest check out the SRL-Resource (click on community and then on SRL-Resource). Have a good read and apply to join. The SRL (Self Represented Litigants) resource can help people to help themselves self represent. Amongst them they have a great deal of knowledge that could be of great assistance.
Please read the attached document.

This document outlines how relocation matters are being considered in the Family Law Courts at the moment.


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