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Private school fee issues !!!!

Bullying Ex

I was hoping someone with a similar experience could offer some insight.

My partner has a child support agreement with her ex that states that he pay all private school fee's, uniforms, hospital cover, etc for the 2 kids. This was lodged with the Family Court because after they split and before they reached settlement (3.5 years) he refused to pay any child support, he froze all bank accounts, and because they had too many assets she couldn't receive any government help.Custody was arranged around his work schedule and it was 3 days with him 4 days with her.

It was a violent relationship towards the end with him trying to strangle her (which of course he denies).

Two years ago the kids were forced to leave their Private School because he claimed he could no longer afford it, we didn't receive any documentation to confirm this was true. Now he is claiming he can't afford public school fee's, and the agreement is void because they no longer attend private school. Any time his "lack" of money is brought up he wants to change his access to the kids to one week each. The daughter is almost 18 and she will be free to make her own decisions soon, but the son would like the access to remain the same. He claims to want resolution without the courts being involved but makes no attempt to compromise - we have given him 2 extra days a fortnight, and for over a year we have offered a full weekend every month and an early morning pick up ever second Sunday, he has only now accepted, i dont think we could be more flexible. He knows we don't agree to 50/50, nor does his son yet he is still stating it WILL happen. He has always thrown his weight around until he gets what he wants, threatening to go to court, lying to the kids to get his way.

We don't know what to do. How long does it take to go to court? What does it cost? Should get legal advice?

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How old is the son?

12 in July
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