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Please help - affidavit

Lawyer asked me to srite one in support of husband

Hi there,

our Lawyer has asked me to write an affidavit in support of my husbands application for court orders to gain regular 'live with' time with him/us.  I have read the info sheets on family law etc and I do understand how to write the affidavit, however Im just a little unsure of WHAT is supposed to be in it?  She told me it didnt have to be long or drawn out, just simple and in support of my husband. But what exactly do I put in it?  I have the basics: my full name, marriage date, birth of daughter etc - but now what?!  Obviously it has to be in support of him/us and his first daughter, but how do I write it and ahhhhhhhh Im getting confused!

Thanks for any help :)
Your Lawyer would do this for you.  You might have to state why it would benefit the child's best interests for her to live with you for whatever duration of time he may be requesting….  If you search through the forum, you should find plenty of examples as it's what is in the child's best interest that the court will be looking at and nothing less, it's about the child(ren) rather than you're husband or father.
Thanks for the reply - the lawyer has asked me to write it however?  All we are requesting is EOW and half school holidays - lawyer did suggest going 50/50 but we are not sure this owuld be in child's best interest unfortunately.  The child was born without the knowledge of my husband about a yr before I met him - he was silly and young and simply had a 'realtionship' that lasted all of 4 weeks - sooo although the child would love to stay with us more, the communication issues between us and the other family are definately not great. :(

I understand the court is looking for what is in the child's best interest - however I am very lost as to what/how Im supposed to write in the affidavit to support this?  Is it like the things we do as a family when we do actually get to see the child?  Or is it more based on my marriage/our children and how we are as a family unit?  Or is it what I know of my husband in terms of his relationship with the child and how he parents?  Oh im lost!

Please help - affidavit

You may want to have a look in the library, for Family Law Books, you won't be able to borrow,  I think most books like this are in reference section.

I don't know what state your in, QLD,  have The Queensland Law Handbook. They have a good section on relationships, children etc.

Also Butterworths,  Concise Legal Dictionary, third addition, should be at most bigger libraries.

Please don't consider replacing good Legal Advice with books, they make things a lot easier to understand.

Will help you not waffle,  about things that are not so relevant in you Affidavit.  

I had Legal Aid for a time, Lawyer could not afford to write one for me.

Your time with Lawyer is preciou$, maybe emailing your draft to Lawyer, so they can advise you further.
Start here. I wrote these articles to assist litigants write an affidavit.

How to write an Affidavit - Part 1

How to writew an Affidavit - Part 2

@Ethie_09 Its not the job a solicitor to write an affidavit for the client. And in fact, they're not allowed to. And if they were, you would be charged a fortune!

How to write an Affidavit.

So helpful! 4mydaughter

I wish I had discovered the FLWG a few years ago.

Though I am sure I haven't written my last Affidavit yet.
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