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Parenting questionnaire

I've filed my parenting questionnaire the 28 days before LAT
 trial and have served them on the ICL and will serve on my ex tomorrow. What happens if he doesn't file his in this time?
Nothing much unless he makes some new significant claim fro left field.

He's filed an affidavit. That should indicate what issues are in dispute.

The only issue that appears in dispute - as I understand it from discussions will you - is the '50/50 shared-care' proposal, isn't it? He's offered - and therefore conceded - overnight care arrangements. He can't then raise other issues after offering that.

So because he's conceded overnight care arrangements, all previous issues in dispute cannot be brought up again? That's my understanding.
Yes, only 50/50. He says he has or his barrister has some kind of report or proof that it is in the best interest of our son that he only goes to school from the one home and not two. I've asked him for a copy of this so called report that he's "paid a lot of money" for but of course that would be harming his case he said so I'm not privvy to that infomation!
It depends - he might be offering the overnight care arrangements specific/sought in his application on the basis that conditions are met - i.e. conditional offer pending psych review, etc.

If he has offered shared care arrangements in his application (and not just offered in mediation because negotiations are confidential) without specifying conditions then it could be argued that:

1. "He's offered overnight without conditions so he must not have any serious concerns, Your Honor"?

2. "He's offered overnight care without conditions in his application - he now seeks to raise issues - what has changed between now and filling his application - that causes these issues to be raised at this time by him, Your Honor?

Don't pay any attention to what he says or what his barrister says. Don't have any conversations with either the father or his barrister without the ICL present. Always have a thirdy party witnessing interactions.

The father's barrister will attempt to coerce and manipulate you into conceding ground or into consenting orders that heavily favour the father.

Don't underestimate your power in this struggle and don't give away your power.

And…. please join the Family Law Directory facebook page. ;)

The original application sought orders along the lines of every second weekend to be supervised only.
Nearly a year down the track, current orders are just under 50/50 - 48% to be exact - no supervision, no mention of psych reports but there is a line that says all parties must take any medication as prescribed and refrain from takling drugs / alcohol whilst in the pressence of the child.
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