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No orders, withholding child?

Okay, so ex told us this morning that they are moving on saturday. Hubby had told her he did not agree to the move, and that we are still going through court. She is ignoring that and is going anyway. My stepchild is with us from today until Friday. We are seeing a lawyer soon, we had hoped to srl but I missed the email:( My question is, can we keep him with us? Does that mean she then has to take us to court? I am not sure of legalities, but there is no court orders, so surely that means both parents have the same rights to have him live with them?
Um… given the very brief information you have provided - yes - I believe you could retain the child - but I suggest you would need to file an application with the court at the same.

Are you in Family Dispute Resolution?

Sorry, was on the move and using my phone so had to keep it brief. Have just filed in court. Thankfully we have a date. We haven't gotten a lawyer so have no idea of legalities of keeping him. They already went through dispute resolution, were going to have to go back before this happened! Hopefully it won't come to that
Batlady, do you have an outcome from this situation yet I am most interested in this particular type of situation.
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