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Next step when mother refuses to let father see child

I have lived overseas for the past three years travelling home once a year and calling and emailling my kids in the mean time. My ex partner (we were never married) has always made things difficult for myself.

The latest being on returning home for the christmas period, she gave me a list of demands that I must comply tobefore seeing the children.I agreed to all of them.

After this she decided to add one more demand that I should pay more child support than child support says, and that AFTER we have worked out the details of the extra paymentsshe would then DECIDE if I could see the children.

I told her it was blackmail and I refused. I have 13 days left before I leave,what stepscan I take to see my children before I leave. No orders or any court related things have ever been done before. Whats the next step?

What rights do I have?
In 13 days you are probable not going to achieve much.

Start proceedings so as to prevent this action being the norm is my suggestion.
I agree 13 days is to short a time frame to see anything happen of any great benefit. I would suggest for the long term benefit of all, that should your ex be unwilling to enter into orders by consent, that you make an initiating application to get something set, living overseas will make it difficult, but it can be achieved. 

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