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New defacto laws and opt in clause to the Family law court

Defacto separation

Can someone please give me a link to the legislation that says if  you are defacto and you seperate before March 1st 2009, you can opt in, if you both agree, to use the Family Law court. I just cannot find the actual legislation on this opt in clause.
You can't just OPT in to use the Family Courts. You must first conduct PDR (primary dispute resolution) counselling at a centre usually an FRC (Family Relationship Centre). With greatest respect did you type in "Defacto" in the site search engine? It will return all the news items and details in the responses. I got over 100 search returns related to your questions. The legislation to which you refer deals mainly with property.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Defactos can opt into the new family Court rules, if they were seperated before 1 March 2009. Otherwise they must go under the old State laws

see section 85A of schedule 1 (bit hard to find)
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