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is this legal

my ex decided to seperate while i was absent working(proffessional fisherman), on my return it was found she had accessed, quite legally, large sums of company money, while collecting full welfare, essentially my incomes, had sold or destroyed all my possessions, and dismantled my bussiness, she was director, however resigned as director and backdated it 12 months and made every attemp to distance herself from the business for welfare and legal aid purposes. however i was left with very little to access a lawyer and eventually walked away, due to lack of finance and excessive bills left to me from my marraige. it has recently come to my attention that ex has withheld assets which i had believed lost due to her actions a($100,000 vessel) and  failed to inform me she had possession, and has recently sold this vessel, which she had no authority to do, as it was company assets which she had signed to me, and was owned by me at all times anyway. has she used some kind of abandonment clause while hiding the information of her having possession of asset, and have always had contact with me because of children. time frame here is approx 5 years
Has there been a property settlement and are you legally divorced??
not divorced, and property settlement… she was seeking everything, substantial and mostly my contribution, she did not work, as i could not afford a lawyer, homeless, depressed, just told her to f&@k off and walked away. i think my question is, is it to late to have a fair settlement done now??
I don't think it would be too late..there is a time limit of 12 months after divorce but if your not divorced then you should be able to go ahead and pursue settlement.

You'd need to attempt mediation first, unless you could convince the court it's urgent. Any wastage of assets by rights could be added back into the asset pool.

Seek advice from a solicitor asap, if she still has any jointly owned assets or money from the sale of those assets you maybe able to get an injunction to stop her disposing of it or spending the money.
thanks for the info, while i would have prefered to just move on, while my ex received 100%, i thought at least my 2 kids would be provided for for many years, however this has not happened, and with her actions, and csa' harrassments for unfair assessments, i seem to have no choice but return to the begining
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