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Is there a statute of limitations to file a contravention and what happens next?

Is there a statute of limitations on filing a contravention. Can you include or file a contravention of consent orders from 6months ago, 12months how about 2yrs or even 6yrs.

Once an application has been filed what happens next? Do you go straight to court and see a judge or do you have to attend mediation first?

Can a judge discharge the current orders if not working and order new ones?
Usually mediation if orders are over 12 months old.

If a continuous contravention keeps regularly occurring and no contravention is sought this can sometimes be seen as you allowing a change in orders. Sposmatic contraventions can go back in time, but I am unsure how long. Maybe someone else can assist you in this question,
I think if the breach was serious enough to warrant a contravention then there would be questions raised by a lengthy delay.
I can't think of any circumstance where such a delay would be needed?
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