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Interstate Court Attendance

I have a family law mention in February in the state that I reside in. The other party is travelling from another state to attend also. I was wondering does the other parties solicitor travel interstate to attend also? Or does the other parties lawyer participate by phone? Just a general question as Im new to the court system.
Mentions are fairly short hearings. Whilst a party may become a part of it via the telephone it would be very unusual for his legal representative not to be present when his client is.

He can use a local solicitor to act in the hearing. He can pay the expenses of his solicitor to travel. If he is legally aided it would be unusual for Legal Aid to pay Interstate travel expenses and they would likely use a local solicitor.

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I was in this situation. The hearing in capital city required 5 hours out of office travel expenses. My then solicitor engaged a large city firm to act. Their least experienced solicitor attended with a mobile phone. Of course she had no knowledge or insight whatsoever of the case - purely a hand holding exercise.

The opposition solicitor funded by legal aid made the trip. She inveigled the ICL into an attempt to change the family reporter for an updated report. To ensure he remained I signed a hand written scrap of paper passed directly to me. This made any updated report by him conditional on legal aid funding.  The Mother subsequently used this leverage to obtain another full grant of legal aid. A total disaster to negotiating a settlement.

The moral being the mention might provide you with an opportunity for advantage. Possibly an unexpected oral application, something the child has done or said to warrant varying the interim orders or expediting the trial, conflict of interest, others might suggest how.
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