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Interim VRO against me, have no communication with partner, she has the kids. How do I proceed?

I have abused my partner. She fled me with our children. I immediately sought help for my problems. I have not seen our kids for 1 week now. I have started counselling & talk to a men's helpline daily. I regret the pain I caused. I am going to heal myself. I miss my kids. I now have an interim VRO issued against me. I had already initiated Family Dispite Resolution, but this process takes months to hopefully eventuate with me seeing our children. I want to contest the VRO. I hope it will enable me spending time with the kids which, if the VRO is made final seems very difficult. I am open to suggestions. I am thinking that an undertaking may be appropriate. I love my partner. I want her to have the sense of safety & space to heal her wounds. I accept the relationship may be over forever. I would never breach a VRO. I just want to see our beautiful children &, through counselling, be the best man I can be when Family Dispute Resolution comes our way. Please help.
My suggestion is to contact the other parent and ask if she will allow you to see your child under supervision by someone whom she trusts. This may allow you to see your child.
You must get help for your violence and at court this and a VRO will be held against you. In most cases supervised time at least in the short term is your only choice and that is what the court would also want as a minimum. If you see your child supervised be aware that the court will want to know what your actions are during the time with your child.
I currently can not contact my partner due to the VRO. I am unable to communicate via others either. I am getting all the help available to me regarding my abuse with counselling. The VRO has a save & except …"when instructing or acting through an Australian legal practitioner as defined in the Legal Profession Act 2008 or using conciliation, mediation or another form of consensual dispute resolution provided by an Australian legal practitioner, or when participating in family dispute resolution as defined in section 51 of the Family Court Act 1997"…
Can this mean that a proposal for seeing my children can be presented to her via legal aid or a lawyer?
I have initiated Family Dispute Resolution but this process takes months.
There are lots of things that I have done wrong in the relationship, but I have always tried my best with our children. I miss them & as such are trying to see them sooner than later.
As mentioned in my first post, I not only respect my partners need for safety & peace to heal, I am thankful that she has responded the way she has by leaving me, otherwise I would never have had realised this opportunity to deal with deep issues & to get help.
Any ideas re: any mechanism to contact for seeing our kids?
Yes the words mean contact can be made with her by a solicitor or mediator.
Thanks for clarifying. So, I am not to approach within 50m of my partner, within 100m of her premises, etc., a lawyer visit cost is in excess of $400-ish for a consultation & write an email to contact her. Legal aid is unable to assist with this form of representation. My funds are very limited. Could she simply refuse a suggestion & I am back to square one? What ideas does anybody have for a neutral ground with supervision to ensure I do not breach the VRO? Her family & those in contact with her, naturally, are not interested in being in contact with me. I am focused on the patience required for Family Dispute Resolution or a hearing re contesting the VRO (I recently submitted the form to contest it & requested the transcript), I am simply trying to think of any means by which I could see our children & to find the way to correctly present this to her to ensure she feels safe & secure, & to give the one shot I have at communicating via a lawyer (limited funds) the best hope.
Thanks for everybody's time.
Are the children mentioned in the VRO. If not then  access to your children is not impacted on. In most capital city's there are free legal services. For example in Brisbane there is a Caxton Legal Service. These services should be able to help with showing you the steps to organizing contact with your kids again. In most areas there are "contact centers" these are places where the children are swapped over without the parents having to see each other. Ill do some reaserch and see what I can find.
Thanks. The children are not mentioned on the VRO. I have left a message for a contact centre to call me back. I re-read the VRO. It says that the mediation, conciliation, etc must be through a legal practitioner (in addition to allowing the Family Dispute Resolution process). Does then mean that the contact centre wouldn't be able to contact her re our kids as I can't imagine them being a legal practitioner in accordance with the VRO? If they are not, I may be in breach if I try this?
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