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Interim and Final orders - some questions

Do you submit separate affidavits with the two different applications?

Sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere on the site, but I was unable to find an exact answer.

I understand Interim orders are used where there is some urgency.  I have also read that interim orders can only be lodged if there are also final orders been or being lodged.  

So my questions:

1. Can I lodge application for interim orders plus affidavit if I have not lodged another application for final orders?

2. If I lodge an interim application with affidavit, if I have to submit final orders, do I submit a second affidavit the the final application?

These questions lead onto a question about my affidavit and depends on the answers above.  I read the "how to write an affidavit" on this site.  It says to 'neutralise any bad press' so to speak by covering it in your affidavit.  Do I need neutralise that bad press in the interim orders affidavit?

A little background - there have been lawyer letters sent from her legal representative in the 6 months leading up to this time and they have indicated the areas in which they consider me to be dysfunctional eg singular instance of loud vocal argument with my wife in front of children, instance of argument with step-daughter, issue where I at last minute had to cancel weekend with the children, etc.  Are these things needed to be neutralised in the affidavit for the interim orders, or do i submit them in the final orders?

Thanks again

You're in the federal magistrates court, yes?

Before you go any further, read the FEDERAL MAGISTRATES COURT RULES 2001.

It doesn't take long to read. All the answers are in there.

Sorry not to give you the answer straight out but… its been a tough day. I'm from Christchurch and I have family there. My heads not in the right space.

Thanks 4md  

happy to do the reading, just didn't know where to look.

Hope all goes well with your family - know how you feel - my family was in the middle of the recent floods in SE Qld.

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