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Initiating application

Hi all, after some help with filling in this form? It is all pretty straight forward apart from the section asking about interim and final orders. How do we write this out? Like it is set out in caselaw or can we say "O...... is to live with his dad from sunday to sunday as already agreed. With his mum any other time." Informal or formal? Hope that makes sense.
For interim orders: You would pretty much write O is to have contact with the father from this time til this time,
that O resides with the mother at all other times.
For final orders you would want to add that but include things like:
That the father is to have contact during school holidays as follows:
depending on what they wanted.
basically what you want in the final orders should coincide with the interim orders. You don't have to be too formal other that using words like contact and reside.
Hope I was helpful.
Batlady, you can do a few searches for orders on the site, look at some judgements on the site and review a number of forum posts that ask similar questions.

I did a search and found at least 500 forum topics and web pages related to this topic. There are wish list documents on the site but draft up a list of the sorts of things you think you need first.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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