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Initiating Application for child access

From lodging an initiating application how long does it take to get a court date. Will I know what the other party is going to say before court in answer? The mind boggles at the stories that may or may not come out and they will be either completely exaggerated or completely untrue. Anyone got any thoughts about a childrens contact service whilst waiting to go to court incase this goes on forever.

!st Mention

Generally the Federal Magistrates Court will list a new matter for it's first mention 6 weeks after filing. In certain exceptional circumstances it is possible to seek an urgent hearing - note the word "exceptional" - not seeing your child or children is not considered exceptional.

The respondent should file and serve their response before the first mention.If they do you will know what they are arguing. If they don't file a response the court will make orders for a response and affidavits at the first mention.

Your mention of a contact service makes me suspect that you expect allegations to be made.

Doing the preliminary research about Contact Center's, including finding out intake procedures, waiting list and available times and dates will put you ahead of the game if the requirement for supervised contact does arise.

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Most supervised contact services have long waiting lists so check and have information before court. First appearance is just that, first not last
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