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How much is the previous relationship of parents considered?

I have a specific question here on the previous relationship of two parents involved. I'm new to this so please understand I have plenty of questions running around in my mind!

Eg. Married, defacto relationship, engaged, boyfriend/girlfriend lasting only a few months, a brief encounter.

If it were only a short lived relationship, child born out of wedlock, seperation before birth, is this a bad start already in the eyes of a court for the father trying to establish a relationship (rather than maintaining one)? Are there advantages/disadvantages in the system because of the status of the previous relationship? This is considering there has been nothing associated with abuse.
Mate the family law act doesn't discriminate between differed types or lengths of relationships. I am in a similar situation to yourself. My ex walked out at 21 weeks pregnant after an 18 month relationship. It has been a tough slog, but above all else the rights of the child are the only recognized rights under the act. The right of your child to spend time with you is no less than a separated couple of 20 years.
Not relevant to considerations or judicial determinations with respect the child.

You might get 'brownie points' for being so willing to accept you parenting responsibilities/duties under such circumstances, but I wouldn't hold you breath.

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