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How long will it take to get served docs

Does anyone know how long it generally takes to get served with a new application through the Federal Magistrates Court?

I take it you are expecting to receive documents from the other party?

If you are not represented by a lawyer and unless you have another an alternate arrangement with the other party, the other party may need to serve you with documents using a process server.

Assuming this is the case, they have the correct address for service details and you are home, a process server may take up to 2-4 days to deliver the documents. If the other party used a local court sheriff, it might take up to 5 working days.

One could reasonably expect to receive applications that have been lodged with a court within 7 days of lodgement.

To confirm lodgement of an application you could call the Family Law Court help line or log into the portal.

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Thank you 4mydaughter for your advice, it's really appreciated!!!!

Yes I'm waiting now, so I guess I'll be contacting the Family Law Court help line to find out if it's been lodged or not.

Thank you once again.
Of course, you fretting about whether or not the father in your matter carry through with his 'treat'?

Sorry I didn't pick up on that. Been gett'n distracted lately.

I get he feeling you won't be receiving any applications filed by the father. I think he was just playing mind games.

Yes I am a bit worried about his threat, but nothing I can do until it happens, if it happens.

You're probably right about the mind games too.

Thanks again for your advice!!!!
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