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Apearing by phone and in person

Hubby is the respondent in a family law matter. Because of the mother's location, she lodged the matter with the court in R town. We live near B town, which is over 800km from R town. The mother lives 300km from R town, in a different direction to B town.

The mention was in R town, and hubby attended that as a SRL. The family report was done in R town. So we have thus far, travelled twice to R town. On the day of the family report, hubby hadn't seen child for at least 6 wks, and the mother refused to allow him and the child to spend some extra time together on the day. That same day, hubby took on the services of a solicitor in R town.

The next court date was adjoined because the report was only made available the day before. The report is so full of untruths, and the report writer has misrepresented what was actually said. The order that the matter be adjoined states that M lawyer (ours) is representating the applicant (the mother) and is acting as town agent for the respondent (hubby). Sorry, but I don't understand how they could have got that SO wrong, but there you go.

So the next court date, the interim, is being held in B town (near us). So as it stands, the mother and her solicitor will appear by phone and hubby will appear in person. But his solicitor will be appearing by phone as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can make this work? Hubby has had very little communication with his solicitor except to say that he wishes to proceed as per his responding application (and affidavit) which is not the recommendation of the family report writer. Although the report writer did recommend that if both the parents lives locally to each other, then the care should be equally shared.

Thanks in anticipation.
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