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How can a birth certificate be full of lies

We got a copy of my granddaughters birth certificate. It was full of lies. The occupations of both the mother and father were false. The childs surname was changed and the address of where the father was living at the time is untrue also. He was living with the mother at her place. How can you have lies like this on a birth certificate. The mother has a 12yr old who has been told the father and extended family wanted nothing to do with him. The sooner we see the solicitor the better. I only hope that the lies on paper will work for us and not against us. We feel we have got a fight on our hands here
I have written extensively about this on the site and there are many posts that discuss just this point.

The stated "serious penalties" for providing false information on the declaration are supposed to detract from entering false information.

However trying to get the penalties enforced and amendments made is another issue. Feel free to contact BDM and let us know what they say.

 It is an area that is completely unsatisfactory and needs a major overhaul… The problems all start with the way the forms are handed out in the birth packs at the hospitals, usually to the mother. Many fathers are not even aware there is a form and assume it is advised to BDM by the birthing hospital.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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