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De facto separation 2 year limit & proceedings started

Separated 2 years ago - numerous attempts to negotiate a property settlement with my former partner - no response at all - letter arrived from his solicitor last month - 6 weeks short of 2 years - my solicitor suggested  to start proceedings as it is difficult if the proceedings are not started within the 2 year period - still havent received any response from his solicitor - hearing in the MC in 2-3 weeks - my solicitor suggests that its possible I might not receive a response until the day before the court date - is that possible ? - if it is how can  I   prepare properly for the court hearing ? - am I able to ask for extra time ?
When you write MC do you mean a local Magistrates Court or the Federal Magistrates Court or Family Court where property issues are normally dealt with? Your solicitor is correct in terms of a time frame. Your first Court date is likely to be a mention before a registrar to set a timetable for events. Your solicitor will deal with a late response or the lack on time to make a response on the day of the hearing.
It's set down for the Federal Magistrates Court - sorry for  the MC abbreviation I'll use the proper FMC in future.
My solicitor tells me that last minute responses are discouraged in other courts (criminal etc) - but  not  in family law courts .
Any reason for this ? - it just seems to just allow one side to deliberately frustrate the process   ?
Different types of Courts and very different procedures. Remember Criminal Courts are State vs Party whereas the Family Courts are Civil based, Party vs Party. Property cases are great for Lawyers often resulting in lots of discovery and other correspondence.
This hearing will probably be a directions hearing so I don't think is a great need to stress out about it. Just let your legal representative do their job.
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