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False information on a signed affidavit

Where do I stand on such an issue

Where do i stand if i know my childs father has given false information on a signed affidavit in the family court of Wa?

false info in affidavit

Well, from personal experience, not much. I suppose it depends on what the false info is. The false info may be true in the eyes of the person making the cliams. Proceed to the hearing and prove it false if you must. Rebutt the false info in your affidavit. At the end of the day, if you proceed to a hearing (a long time away I may add), the magistrate will do whatever he/she considers is in the best interest of the child. Nothing will happen to the person making false claims except stern words from the magistrate if they're outrageously false which ultimately wont mean much in terms of a penalty.
Hi I'm justin and they are blocking me again,

An "Unreliably Witness" is the term to push if you think a person is being untruthful.

The issue is to know when they can claim an error has been made or a wrong statement has been made.

An error in date or numerical figure is accepted as an error that can be corrected under the slip rule but a statement like; "I don't know can be undone if the person should have knowledge like;

You said in an affidavit you swore or affirmed XX/XX/XXXX at paragraph XX "I don't know if there is an airstrip at his parent's farm, Yes or No? …. Yes."

Question1; "Have you visited that Farm . Yes,"

Question2; "Have you walked over some of the Farm so you could see if there was a long strip of land that would look like a plane could land on it? . No"

Question3; "So his Father and he did not walk up to the highest point on the property, and you take a panoramic set of photos of the area as per his evidence given? . I forgot about that!"  

Question4; "So you do know there is probably no strip of land on his father's farm long and smooth enough for a plane to land on? . I don't know"

Question5; You said you looked over this land did you not? . Yes"
Question6; So you should be able to see, if there is at least a long straight peace of land a plane might land on, could you not? …. Yes" (If "I don't remember" {this is the defensive rely} then if you saw such you would remember it would you not? … No!" "Are you claiming you are not normal? …. No!" "So you would remember would you not, if you were a normal person, would you not? …. Yes …. "Therefore because you don't remember there is no such piece of land and an aircraft cannot land there can it? … No!"

Question7; Did you mean to say what you said in your affidavit sworn or affirmed XX/XX/XXXX at paragraph XX "I don't know if there is an airstrip at his parent's farm. Or did you mean to say; "there is no airstrip at his father's farm, therefore I don't know were he would land? . Yes"

Question8 is a statement; Your honour this witness has just admitted to making a wrongful statement.

After the second or 3rd of the same, "I seek she be declared as an unreliable witness and all her testimony including her affidavit evidence be deemed as inadmissible on the grounds of she is unreliable!"

You get what I am saying, this is a simplistic view and a single event used where as 2 or 3 events of such would normally be used.

It is multiple actions of what is called wrongful statements that enable "Unreliable Witness" not a singular of wrongfully or error.

A singular = error, multiple = wilful therefore "Intent" and issues in the criminal division.

(You need to decide if you want (in breach of judicial intent) to cause her or him criminal issues or not, if yes, then do it!

If not, rely on the proof of the first and probability of more and the ability of the judicial officer to accept you are not trying to cause her criminal issues but prove her claims should be desmised by the Court as probably unreliable.

Enough for now, cross-examination cause you to set aside emotion, and applying the BRAIN.

You know what is the truth and what is NOT, therefore you need to work out what questions will undo the other than truths.

Good luck,

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Hi I'm justin and they are blocking me again,
If you were blocked your IP would be blocked and you would not be able to post. I hope what you write in these forums is more accurate than your computer knowledge.
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