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False de facto claim

I am writing this message on behalf of a friend who is so distraught and depressed about what is going on that he cannot think straight.  A woman, who rented a room from him, has claimed that he is her defacto and wants a share of his property.  He has rent receipts, a tenants agreement and has declared the rent in his taxation.  Does anyone know of a similar case and what was the outcome?  Any advice and names of good lawyers in Western Australia?
Ambit Claim.
Provided he has a Rental agreement, record of payments and has declared it to the Taxation department she does not have a case.
Whilst many de facto couples keep their personal finances separate, the above indicates a landlord/tenant arrangement.

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whether or not parties are defactos depends on the whole circumstances of the relationship. But The factors mentioned do  indicate there was no defacto relationship


This situation is slightly different.

A father passed away, leaving the majority of the estate to his children. However a woman who once lived with him for several months, but ceased the relationship 3 months prior to his death is now claiming that she was always in a de facto relationship.

She is claiming all of the estate, despite a significant amount of evidence contrary to her claim.

Unfortunately, the cost of continuing with the litigation is prohibitive. She knows this and is in the position that she has nothing to lose, so is willing to deplete the estate. The woman's claims are increasingly contradictory and fanciful.

The children feel that they are being extorted and are being forced into accepting an agreement because of the cost of the legal process, rather than a reasonable outcome.

It is incredibly distressing.

Any advice would be welcome.

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but I added the above post to highlight that even if the evidence is clear, sometimes the party making such a claim knows that the costs of you defending it (even if it's clearly untrue) can still be very costly and stressful.

Often bullying a person into entertaining another's claim.

I think this is sometimes referred to as nuisance money.
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