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Failure to disclose on financial statemets

I have recently discovered that my ex failed to make a full disclosure on his financial statement sworn in 2008. I applied to the Court for orders, but after mediation we came to property orders by consent in early 2009.

What he failed to disclose was a contingent interest in a business. An interest that has now come to fruition worth some millions of dollars. Although this interest was acquired after our separation, so may not be considered marital assets?

My question is, can anyone advise the likelihood of my being allowed to re-open property (on the basis of his false declaration to the Court), and make a claim on that asset? Also, he has declared zero income for many years, no child support has been payable - could there be orders made for child support in arrears for those years when he had the contingent interest, yet no income?

Also costs: is there any likelihood of my being awarded costs for the previous (now settled) property matter, and/or the re-opened matter?

I hope to see legal aid next week. But would appreciate the advice of the knowledgeable members of this board. I have been a member of FLWG for some years after self-representing in children's matters, but I am posting anonymously as this is so serious.
As long as you have hard evidence to prove your claim and that the asset was acquired before his form 13 was sworn, I would answer yes to most of your questions.
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