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Ex lied under oath. How can I do something about that?

My case has always been conducted in Tassie, even though my ex-wife now lives in Queensland. Late last year my ex put in a series of 40+ applications (yes, that's right 40+!!! no typo here!), all in one hearing. She filed and had it heard in the Brisbane Family Court. Even though it is probable that our substantial court file was sent to Brisbane for the event, the Judge had clearly not read all or in fact, any of the Orders on the file and my ex-wife told some whoppers about the orders that she and I function under. She especially went to town with her imagination when she was under oath and I was cross examining her. Frustratingly, the judge believed her and when I pointed out that my ex was not being truthful, her Qld barrister started to accuse me of lying! She didn't win any of her applications, but the judge warned me that I was well out of line making allegations that my ex-wife was lying under oath and he was really quite scathing actually.

Okay, so in hope of some peace, I let the lies under oath issue ride and did nothing about it, except get a transcript of the proceedings ($$$OUCH$$$). When read in conjunction with the orders on our file, she has clearly lied regarding what the orders actually say and about the very existence of some of them actually.

My ex-wife thumbed her nose at an order last week and she did it on closed circuit video and when challenged by the authorised person at the time she said into the video, that I could shove the final orders up my …! So, I am filing a contravention application. I already have a current police action for an assault a few weeks ago, where she had one of her friends jump me while I waited outside of where she was having a supervised visit with the children. I have a Family Violence application hearing in a couple of weeks, restraint orders against two of her violent friends and I have notified the Family Court of family violence. In the circumstances, it would seem pretty silly for me not to do something about all of the lies she told under oath. So, after all of that, here's my question. How do you bring it to the Family Court's attention that in the last hearing that one of the parties lied while under oath? Is there some specific application? Or should I bring it up at the contravention hearing?

Before making any attempt to say the other party has lied under oath it is essential that you have overwhelming evidence that they have done so intentionally. If you don't have overwhelming evidence it will just look like a tit for tat argument and do nothing. 

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"Liberi Primoris"]
Before making any attempt to say the other party has lied under oath it is essential that you have overwhelming evidence that they have done so intentionally. If you don't have overwhelming evidence it will just look like a tit for tat argument and do nothing. "

** excuse the" digging up from grave " topic bump **

searching around for relevent & similar circumstances, when found this ol' topic. Wasn't sure of protocol for p.m'ing an exec. member….apologies if taken wrong action.

Liberi Primoris ~~ what would you suggest a SRL to do IF they do happen to have the overwhelming evidence you stated this member should ensure they have ?
I'm in similar spot that involves blatant lies told (denial ) in earlier affidavits that were subsequently later admitted to whilst in witness box. Worse part was at time I raised issue it was set upon by her lawyers & bent back onto me & my supposed "thirst for ongoing conflict" & "hostile & unhinged conduct" vomit !
I have tried pointing this & several other type actions out to the court by way of updating affidavits prior to upcoming hearings yet feel I get bullied & the proceedings overrun by her barrister talking twaddle & yet away we go, another hijacked appearance gets conducted with seemingly only the issues he finds a concern taking up what tiny bit of time allocated.
Yet the Judge permits this.
There have been several other incidents since last appearance which next one of is fast approaching & I must get these before the judge as several incidents only confirm events that I tried without success to raise at earlier hearings & was duly talked over & drowned out.
It's near unbearable to read through reasons given for other parties matters & be shocked to soon learn that near identical types of behaviors & actions are rightly treated like "text book parent playing the system 101 " to greatly hamper other parents ongoing role, & that judge calls them out on such shameful tactics.
Do you " respectfully insist" rights afforded under Constitution of Australia act be respected ? List of legal principles or case law ? Make oral application to have a question of law answered in another court ?
Due to various reasons I know what I'd like to do ……but I don't think that'll get me to end result I seek.
Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.
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