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Ex has no contact with child 4 years, now wants contact

My ex wife is a violent alcoholic who removed herself from all proceedings in the FCA 4 years ago, this gave me sole parental responsibility of our son who was then 4.

It was a Magellan case.

She has had no contact with him since then.

The reason she removed herself from proceedings was because she was incarcerated.

She has showed up unanounced at my sons school three times, each time the school has stopped her accessing my son.

She has initiated FRC counselling two years ago but did not want to share any costs involved in contact with my son, which would be $200 each contact visit as she took my son 300kms away then he came back to live with me.

I also dont want my son to stay overnight with her as she is a terrible person when drinking.

She has now served an initiating application on me,(yesterday).

I suspect this has happened as she has found out I am leaving the area my son and I have lived in for the past 4 years in two months.

The orders simply state that I have sole parental responsibility for the child, thats it.

The reasons for judgement are more definitive and very damning of her .

I want to move overseas with my partner for 18 months and finish a degree.

My son will be educated in an Australian owned international school and we will live in my partners new house.

Her parenst are relatively wealthy and respected family

How do I manage this when I front up for the initiating application?
After more thought on what i need to know can someone answer these questions for me please?
1. Does sole parental responsibilty mean that I have the legal right to decide any issues related to my sons life, e.g. relocation? or do I have too apply for relocation?
2.If I ask for interim orders to allow me to move overseas with my son, what is the likelihood of success?
3.I really dont want my ex wife to have contact with my son, I know this will cause problems for me in the courts, but she is dangerous and this was proven in the last 5 day trial.

I had 4 years of unbelievable hardship trying to get him away from his insane mother and the terrible organisations that protect people like her and finally had success in protecting my son from her.(SRL)
We have had 4 years no contact from her and my son has completely changed from an abused and neglected child into a very intelligent and well behaved boy.
I am terrified that she will tie me up in court for years again and gain access to my son.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Sole responsibility is just that. You can make decisions without consult with the other parent.
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