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Equity and fairness in the Subpoena process

subpoena case law

Hello all. I am trying to write a response to an objection to a subpoena for my ex's employment record. I won't burden you with the details of why I want this, but as you all know, as a SRL I have already had to jump through the hoop of sending the cover letter explaining the relevance of the material before I could even serve the docs. I had hoped that would be enough, but her solicitors have blown up and submitted a long and convoluted objection. Now. Here is the rub. The applicant party successfully subpoenaed my ENTIRE human resources record (I serve in the armed forces with over 20 years) and my objections were waved away and they were granted access to the whole trolley of documents going back to before our son was even imagined! Can anyone point me in the direction of a case that will help me highlight the equity and fairness / relevance argument here? If my work documentation was considered relevant then surely hers should be as well? (I know I probably have a very simple view of this!) - I do have many other arguments to present but I wish to articulate this one a bit more and appreciate any guidance on this. When they issued their subpoena 12 months ago we were in the federal court, and now we have been booted into the family court so this one will be considered by a registrar - I just want to make an explicit link and any guidance is really appreciated.
I don't have any advice SRL_Dad, but just wanted to say that I'm appalled at your situation. I hope you can find a helpful precedent.
Thank you malady. I will be outraged if their objection stands and yet mine was tossed aside with less than 30 seconds of consideration. As the judge said last year, they will ultimately decide the relevance of any evidence. I hope that the family court has the same view point.
I wouldn't chase this if I were you.  In our current case, my ex tried to make out that she lost residency of her son because of me.  The case between her and her ex told a much different story.  Basically, the judge ruled that she was incapable of caring for him.
The court registrar at property settlement strongly suggested that I subpoena the file, but the judge in our case carried on about her ex's right to privacy, and I was given a very thinly veiled warning.
I would leave it.
Got it! Thanks guys - But now we face the issue that the other side seem to have "influenced" the subpoenaed party who now claim the documents must have gotton "Lost" by the court ... the plot thickens!!
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